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  - Current : Available (*restricted*)

  News :

- again a publication of RaumPartikel on MSM, the Microstation Online Magazine
  goto >>>> !!! MSM !!!


- Finally - the "Studies" projects : Available !!!


- Publication of RaumPartikel on MSM, the Microstation Online Magazine
  goto >>>> !!! MSM !!!


- We finally found our WorkRoom : " Zementnetz "
  We are 10 artists : Architecture, Fashion, Art, Design, ....


- Microstation/TF : Improved standard material palettes are available
   for download (5 MB) >>>> !!! Here !!!

  Current work :

- "Relounch" of RaumPartikel
- "Administration/consulting" care about clients computer organization
- "TheLamp", product design
- "Appartment", interior design

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