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  Start :   2002/02/26   Time :   Will be continued
  Title : - Experience
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  Freelancer :

2000/01 - ....

Freelancer for architectural visualization and graphics and for several architectural
and engineering offices.

  Free Work :

1999/06 - 1999/12

Several free work for diverse architectural and engineering offices.

  Architectural Office :

1998/01 - 1999/06

Schmidhuber + Partner, employee

  Studies II :

1996/11 - 1998/01

Academy of Fine Arts Munich, interior architecture.

  Studies I :

1992/10 - 1996/09

University of Applied Sciences Munich, (FH München) Diploma Architecture.

  Between :

1990/10 - 1992/05

Several internships in diverse architectural offices and on building sites.

  Military service :

1989/06 - 1990/08

Military service

  School :



  Start :


Born in Friedrichshafen

   ^ Absolute zero ....
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