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  Available :   Updated :(   Software :   Corel/PovRay/Photoshop
  Title :
  Design by :   Gero Wortmann
  Description :   Interior architecture, graphics, web design.
  Used for :   Food for the futureconsumer.
  Evaluation :   Impressing POV renderings.   Mode :   Plain HTML
  Available :   Little Problems :)   Software :   Corel/Corel/Corel/Photoshop
  Title :
  Design by :   Jens Achilles
  Description :   Architecure and urban design, digital and analog.
  Used for :   "I'm an architect - no web designer !"
  Evaluation :   Minimized web design, not so the rest.   Mode :   Plain HTML
  Available :   Still Only 1 Site :(   Software :   Dreamy/Flash/Fireworks/Photoshop
  Title :
  Design by :   Marc Bibas
  Description :   Web design, programming and Flash, Flash, Flash ....
  Used for :   To show how deep 2D graphics can be.
  Evaluation :   We won't be disappointed.   Mode :   Hardcore (Flash)
  Available :   Still NOT yet :(   Software :   3DS/InDesign/Photoshop/Illustrator
  Title :
  Design by :   Marcus Schumann
  Description :   Architecture, urban design and grafics.
  Used for :   Pattern, pattern, pattern - a pleasure for Doris Thut.
  Evaluation :   Pattern design.   Mode :   HTML/Flash
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