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  Start :   2002/02/26   Time :   Will be continued
  Title : - Activity
  Design by :   All content and design © 2002-2009 by [17maf]
  Hints :

I am located in the city of Munich. Normally I do the following type of work at home,
also I'm mobile with my macbook or disposed hard/software.

  Visualization :

I do all kind of visualization and rendering.

The biggest part of my work has to do with architectural visualization.
Mostly still images but animations are also possible.
No matter what kind of design, I can extract from sketches, 2D plans or existing
3D-models in DGN, DXF, DWG, 3DS, MAX. Stranger file formats after agreement.
The render modes can be from shaded, hidden line, smooth, phong, Raytracing
up to photorealistic renderings with radiosity, particle tracing and GI solutions.
Results can be seen @ Work.

  Web Design :

A new area for me.

I had a lot of fun creating this site, so I think I will do a lot more of this kind
in the future. Currently I'm experienced with HTML and CMS.

More complex designs will be possible together with

  Architecture :

I studied architecture and I'm very interested in any kind of related work.
Architectural design, competitions, final construction, building sites, ....

  Competitions :

I regularly take part in architectural or graphic competitions.

These competitions I do either by myself, together with friends and partners,
or I'm invited to participate with and for architectural offices.

  Design :

I am very interested in any kind of design.
This contains all products I have to deal with in normal life.
Especially vehicles with two or four wheels, furniture, computers, tools,
as well as general user interfaces.

  Graphics :

I'm often asked for company brochures or corporate identity.
Frequently ordered are 2D montages.

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